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Muted Real
Today is my birthday, and the beginning of a great, action packed weekend!

Today - we both took the day off. Getting my hair cut and colored by my professional of a boyfriend. Later, dinner at the Guthrie, front row seats for A Midsummer Night's Dream, and then a drink or two with friends and family afterwards.

Tomorrow - it's not about me, it's about the Goddaughter. She's turning 2 soon, and so we're all getting together for her party. The Boy and I (the fairy godfathers) have bought her a small backyard pool, since the family will be leaving their pool-furnished apartment complex soon and moving into their own house.

Sunday - pretty much a quiet day, except for Fogo De Chao in the evening for four of us. Yay meat!

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Happy day!

Enjoy Midsummer! If you want a little tour after the show, feel free to give me a call (612.964.4660). The phone goes off at 7, and I don't usually stick around until midsummer lets out, so let me know before the show!

Sorry I didn't give you a call! It would have been nice to at least see you, but I was out and about all day.

Midsummer was phenomenal. My parents were there last night too, but they saw Constance.

Happy birthday! That sounds like an excellent weekend.

....there's Fogo de Chao in the Twin Cities.

Hennepin and 7th. I ate till I cried last time.

The last time I was there I ate until I got the meat sweats: a thin film of perspiration from consuming way, way too much meat.

The salad bar is awesome as well.

Have a wonderful birthday!

That sounds like the best birthday ever.

So far, it's been a dream. I won't go further with the obvious reference, because, you know, I don't want to be too gay.

Happy Birthday!! Fogo de Chao is very yummy!!

Fogo is a tricky thing. Stage one is the wanting, the delicious anticipation. Stage two is the consumption, in which I try to savor every moment. Stage three is the regret, when I cry because I ate way fucking too much and should have stopped a chicken breast ago. Stage four is the wistful remembrance tied with the memories of crying meat. Stage five is when I start thinking "You know, it's about time to go back". Rinse and repeat.

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