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The Price to Pay
The Rage
Remember, oh, two days ago, when I said I had taken my first dance class in the session and felt great? Well, about 24 hours after I finished said class, the pain kicked in (a delay which is apparently very common across the board - for exercise, massage, stress, injury). I am hurting in magical ways, and feel like the natural state of my body now would be curled up in a rather undignified position and whimpering. But still forward!

And I know that the best remedy for pains like this would be more dance-type exercises each day, but hey, let's start slow here.

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I remember discovering the delayed-reaction pain thing when I first started judo. For some reason, sometimes the judo pain delays as much as 48 hours. I think sitting still for long periods afterwards makes it worse. :)

It _will_ get better, promise.

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