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Leaping into the Fray
The Dime
Took the Contact Improv class this morning, and got pretty beat up. But I loved it. So I signed up for the summer session (which the Boy said is his birthday gift to me). I also asked for more info on the semi-month Improv Jam sessions they have. The endorphin high carried me pretty far. The dance class physically on my calender is going to ensure that I try week after week. We'll see what happens after this summer, but it would be nice to start nurturing one of my artistic pursuits again on a more permanent basis.

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*applauds* Glad you're getting back into it. :)

Thanks much. I'm definitely feeling the pain today, but am still riding the momentum. First class begins this Wednesday.

i meant to use this, much happier, userpic. dangit.

Ah, but the dark lady is much more inspiring to my dance.

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