The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch


My grandmother's idea of reaching out to me: forwarding on insipid e-mail messages about God, Jesus, Bush and the spoiled kids of today (in which not a shred of inquisitive criticism can be found), and then writing on my birthday/christmas cards "you should e-mail me more often".

I'm far from the perfect grandson. I'll admit I take the 10 dollars and run for the hills. And maybe if I gave her half a chance, we'd have a good conversation. Maybe I should do the decent thing and just keep her somewhat enlightened to the fact that I'm not a coke-whore on Univesity, but actually halfway succeeding at life.

But these trite, dogmatic, propaganda e-mails she keeps sending out push me away. They make me throw up these walls with the snippy remark of "Gotta keep the stupid out".

It's not that I can't respect her beliefs - it's that I feel she doesn't think about them. Right, ok, she's not under any obligation to do any kind of critical thinking. Ever. But if you're gonna challenge my beliefs as your form of 'getting to know me', then you'd better bring something more to the table then "Jay Leno said so". (Which I doubt, by the way)

This is brought to you by my anger, which is always over-reactionary, and burns out quickly into an ashy apathy.
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