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Missing the Music
When I worked at the Owl, plugging in and tuning out wasn't just an option; most of the time, it was a requirement. The early mornings would be random shifting through my MP3 library, while the later morning and early afternoon I would switch over to the Current, then back again to my library for the last part of the day.

My new job is not so conducive to listening to the radio, or music in general - at least, not in a way that I've figured out yet. So it's KNOW on my way to work, and the Current on the way home.

Today I took a half day in the morning to get some errands done, get to the dentist, &c. I had the Current on while I drove around. Made me realize that I miss the music block from 9-3. Barb Abney and Steve Seel turned me on to a lot of great music. Simply put, they rock. Maria Lucia may be a big favorite of most people, but the music she plays often just doesn't grab me hard and refuse to let go.

So I miss Barb and Steve. That's pretty much the gist of this post. Thank you for your time.

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I can sympathize... can't really listen to music much since I'm going to be answering phones for auto customer support... I do however have a 2 hour commute, so I can get in some mp3s in that slot.

Check out the book recommendation I posted! Awesome author I just found... though you may know her already.

Unfamiliar with the author, but the synopsis and excerpt are intriguing. I generally spend my lunch half-hour with a book, but haven't managed to pick anything new up in the past few weeks. Local library, here I come!

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