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Be Warned
Here's my most current theory on the Final Model:

There are twelve humanoid Cylon models, and twelve Lords of Kobol in the Colonial Religion.

The leap here is that there is a relationship between a humanoid model and a Lord of Kobol. I think there's a quote from RDM out there somewhere that's all sly and like "12 Colonies, 12 gods, 12 models, coincidence?"

There have been 5 confirmed goddess in the Colonial Religion: Hera, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Aurora.

There have been 4 confirmed female humanoid models: Sharon, D'Anna, Tory and Number Six.

Assuming a gender-to-gender relationship, that means that there is 1 unrevealed female Cylon model - the last one. Backing this up is the Last Supper image. While many have gone on record saying there is nothing to be read into that image, there remains the fact that there are 7 men and 5 women in the picture (two different versions of Number 6 are present).

RDM has stated that neither Laura Roslin nor Kara Thrace is the final Cylon.

The only other female characters with any viewer connection are: Cally Tyrol (deceased), Diana Seelix and Margaret "Racetrack" (both originally extras that were promoted to reccuring characters, but not supporting), and Anastasia Dualla, who gets my vote.

Backing this up? Her name is Anastasia, which means "resurrection" in Greek. There was major significance when a copy of Number Six went under the psuedonym of Gina Inviere; apparently "inviere" is Old Gemenese for "resurrection".

It may change, but as of today, Dee's looking good to be the final Cylon, just based on the convoluted logic presented above.

I thank you for your time.

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Hrm...not sure. They really haven't been touching upon her at all lately in the plotline is the trouble. I'm also not sure that this would explain the awe and apology on the part of the model (can't remember - was it D'Anna or Six?) who saw the final five.

What's the story with the "oracle" model? Is she supposed to be a D'Anna?

First off, remember that a D'Anna (number three) tried to kill Sam Anders in "Downloaded" back on Cylon-occupied Caprica. That could be her apology. Or maybe it's just a larger, more generalized apology.

By 'oracle' models, do you mean the hybrids?

No, I mean the bald chick they keep in the tank. Sometimes she spews cryptic religious sorts of stuff, but most recently she seems to have been reporting on what's going on with the non-humanoid models?

The bald chicks in the tanks are called the 'hybrids'. I think that's who you are talking about. They aren't fully human cyclon models, more like an intermediate stage between Centurions and the skin jobs. There is one per basestar, and they serve as a kind of living mainframe for all operations. Some think their utterances are just synaptic garbage being verbally processed alongside the normal basestar functions. That's obviously not the case.

I am such a nerd. And yet I embrace it.

A public service!

You are a resource for those of us who haven't the time to be as nerdy about this show as we would like to be.

And here I thought the whole human experimentation thing was just about harvesting eggs to supply the ressurection ships.

but zach, tory was originally the 'billy' character and was changed to a female when billy abruptly left the show to go do his own thang. that would upset the balance of your gender ratio and doesn't seem like the sort of thing they could bank on.

i had something more to say here but i'm forgetting what it was.

also, callie death scene? HELLO BSG...you're liek a million fucking seasons too late! she's burned onto my retinas! at the very least the chief agrees with me.:P

also, as much as i hate to say it... blanders is becoming more interesting despite the actor's best attempts.

also, last fangirlish squealing, i heart starbuck. and col. tigh (sp?), and adama (lee and bill) and boomer and baltar and jeesus. just about everyone.:) yikes i love this show.

I love Six and Eight and Two and Roslin and Big Daddy Adama and Gaeta and Seelix and Starbuck and Tory and Tigh and Galen and...

I loved Billy and Elosha and Three and...

I obsess. I frakkin' obsess.

Because his eyes can flash red sometimes? Because he's got a tattoo? Because he's a 'tortured soul'? Eh, he's always been one I could have left on Caprica.

*whew* Ok, gonna try to respond to each post individually. I know, crazy and unconventional, and it's gonnam make one messing tier, but here I go.

The Tory character has clearly gone in different places that Billy was meant to go. As a young idealist, it's questionable if Billy would have gone along with such things as rigging the election, lying about the death of Hera, or sleeping with Anders. I don't think Billy was planned to be a Cylon, and honestly don't think Tory was originally written to be one either. (Same with the other three of the new four).

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