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Singing Agathe
Nothing like a 19-year-old college professor to make me feel like I've done nothing in my life and I've squandered any potential I might have once had.

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Emotional intelligence. Life experience. Maturity. There are lots of very intelligent, successful people, but they're raving obnoxious dweebs. I'll take an adult over a prodigy any day.

You're still young and if you really want to do something, it's never too late if you really want it and are willing to work for it.

I do the same thing, but I try not to, and instead try to channel it into kicking my own ass to change what's not adequate.

Also I hate it when people idealize others and put themselves down, again, maybe because I hate when I do it.

She's in engineering, ouch.

On the other hand, you could think about what hell it must be to be faced with the prospect of teaching people who are going to think, "I've gotta be smarter than her. Not only is she a woman, I'm older than she is."


Honey. Let's talk about rational expectations. Then, once we're done with that boring, scolding conversation, let's talk poetry.

I've read that Harvard, Princeton and many others are encouraging students to take a year off between High School and University/College so they can go out and gain some life experiences.

Sure, this girl may be the youngest Prof in the world. Sure she opted to teach in South Korea, rather than New Orleans....because of the drinking age.
But, I'd wager that you wouldn't give up the childhood you had in order leap grade levels above those your own age purely for the fact that whatever you went through has made you a stronger person able to weather many storms.
I would like to see a follow-up of her and how she handles her future. If somehow she feels that she has gone too far ahead at such a young age and is suffering a midlife crisis at 30 or younger. I bet she has gone through her life impressing more people than fighting against those that would ridicule her. It is unfortunate, as Lyght has already mentioned, that there are going to be other hurdles for her to overcome and I worry that she might not be prepared for them yet.

Not that it might mean anything, but I am still impressed by your senior performance at Mac that I speak about it to my students and coworkers when the opportunity presents itself and I am sure you have done and will do even greater things.

Head up yo. You got a lot of time left to impress the pants off the rest of us!

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