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An intense education
The Rage
I have not had my car for 9 months yet, but I have already had to learn the following:

- having my car towed
- getting repair estimates
- reporting an accident to insurance
- pushing my mired car out of a snow bank
- jump-starting a dead battery

Seems like poor fortune - however, everyone one of those could be attributed to the fact that I am a piss poor driver. I hate to admit it, but I think that's the core reason here. And not a damn thing anyone can say against that, cause I really only drive myself.

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Par for the course - nothing to do with your driving. You're lucky you've avoided the following.

- identifying strange liquids leaking from the engine block
- locating the origin of rattling sounds
- changing a flat tire, or failing to change one and feeling worthless
- locking your keys inside
- driving around for miles with the parking brake on

ward's mom did that last one in texas and set the brake pads on fire.

i threw tea on them.

Sweet, sweet Texas tea?

- strange liquids were leaking after the accident, so no real need to identify them. They were definitely of the 'oh fuck' variety.
- rattling/whistling noises came with the car!
- I'm terrified every day that it may come to me changing a tire, which I theoretically know how to do. Theoretically.
- did that about a year before the car was officially mine.
- I always put the parking brake on when I drove my parent's smaller car; my brother never did, so he would start driving around until he noticed something was Not Right.

In conclusion, cars suck. If I could walk to work, I totally would. It's nice to be able to get to far away places every once in a while, granted. Still...

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