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Choose my Own Adventure
The Dime
I need a haircut. Gimme your input on this:

Poll #1166325 The future of my hair

What should I do with my hair?

Cut it! Short short!
Clean up that shaggy mop, but don't really change length
Grow it long again
Fuck Corporate American and do something insane

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If that photo exemplifies needing a haircut, then I am a walking fashion disaster.

Well...I am anyway. But you know what I mean.

Maybe it doesn't look so bad, but it feels like it needs a pair of shears taken to it.

Sorry - in this stage of the poll, it feels a little late to be updating it. Apoligies that I didn't get to it sooner.

How come there's no option for "orange mohawk?" And no, #4 is not the option for "orange mohawk."

How does an ornage mohawk not scream "Fuck you, corporate America, and your dirtymoney-filled teats?"

Clean it up but overall I really like it, especially the swoopy bangs (which I may myself be trying shortly). Keep it similar, it looks really good other than being slightly overgrown.

The swoopy bangs work a little better when I wear my contacts as opposed to my glasses. So I guess the hair decision is going to be affected by my decision of whether to invest in more contacts or not.

I like the dichotomy of answers.

I'm quite taken aback, actually. I thought at least someone would look back nostalgically at my flowing locks from college and say "Yes, yes, oh god yes!"

That person would be me! LONG!

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