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On the Snown
Muted Real
Through the traditional tricks of Mistress March, a gala event of crystallized precipitation greets us this morning. The Boy and I depart to Chicago in the midst of this, to celebrate 5 years of being each other's constant love and companion.

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ehhh. be careful, there appears to be blizzardy weather here in madison. if you get stuck hereabouts or need help:

608 k 234 k 0268

Concern very appreciated. And warranted. We counted over 30 cars in the ditch, and at least 5 semi-trucks with trailers. But we made it just fine.

Congratulations! How long are you going to be in my fair city?

We got to Chicago around 6:30pm on Friday, and departed at 9am Monday. So it was four days, but two of those were mainly dedicated to travelling.

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