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Poke and Prod
The Rage
I had a yearly physical yesterday, 3 years overdo. Beyond telling me that I need to lose weight, they also recommended two vaccinations and drawing blood for some tests. Of course, this was all stated in the most caring way possible, I suppose. Still, now I feel fat, and I'm sluggish and sore, two of the most common side effects to the vaccines I got shot up inside me. And don't even get me started on the process of drawing blood for me.

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Turn your head and cough, please.

I just had my yearly physical too. My cholesterol was down, but I got the "you need to lose some weight" speech also. *sigh*

Re: Turn your head and cough, please.

This was the first time I heard it. It's not like I didn't want to lose those pounds on my own. It was just a shock to hear my doctor telling me that. I felt... old.

You'll probably smack me for that comment.

::boggles:: You need to lose weight? You weight 2 and a half pounds! Clearly something is not right with our medical establishment.

My love of long, drapey and unform-fitting clothing has finally become more than just a fashion statement. It masks the effects of post-college, um, growth as an individual.

My reaction was the same as the above, so I guess you're hiding it well. You always look dashing, Mr. Nelson.

Perhaps my debonair style and sparkling wit distracts from my inability to regulate diet and exercise. Ma chérie. *kisses back of your hand totally, like, suave and stuff*

Ah, the mid-twenties metabolism slump

Apparently this hits most of us at this age. When I suddenly no longer could eat everything in sight and not have it matter, it was weird. My mom said she got it at the same age, which makes sense I guess.

It is funny how everyone sort of stays the same in your head, though you know that they will change. I still see the you that is in the picture of us in the 30 Mac kitchen at one of the dinner cooking shindigs. Guess this means I should be good and finish sending out those cards.....

Re: Ah, the mid-twenties metabolism slump

It might be my age, and it might be the fact that before I graduated college, I had at least one dance class a week of around an hour. That was for around 17 years. Now, not so much.

I remember the picture well. You were wearing a cute hat.

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