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More dreaming
The Baldwin Sister
I dreamt of girls called Madwanna Be's. They styled themselves after a woman, the Madonna, who they believed to be a savior of the world, despite how the rest of the world viewed that woman as the ultimate betrayer and one of the causes of the current distopia. They painted their eyelids charcoal gray, and wore red tops beneath old jackets. They were despised. A small cabal of under hunters found one, cowering in the ruined underground levels. One wanted to shoot her on sight, but before the debate got under way, something, a pack of somethings, started coming down the hallways at them. The Madwanna Be was swept up in the retreat, and they all took an old class room as the most defendable position.

The Boy dreamt that I had died, but came back as a ghost to make sure he was doing alright. Hearing him tell me that made it tough for me to leave him this morning.