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The Dime
I dreamt earlier in the week that I had some time off from my normal job, so I went back to NightOwl to put in some hours. It was horrid. Yesterday, I got a call from NightOwl, saying there was an affidavit I had to sign for work I did 4 months ago, when can I come in a sign it? I did it yesterday, cause I got off work an hour early. The prediction was eerie, and so was going back to the Owl, if even for a second. Felt hella good to tell Michelle that I was NOT coming back to work, especially when she responded with "We sure could use you".

Twice last weekend, the Boy dreamt we got a third dog. As a result, he leapt on the chance to dog-sit this weekend for a co-worked. Delightful. While he's off at work today, I'm at home with two little dogs who have suddenly become territorial bitches, and a large dog who is really too big for our townhome, stole some of my dinner last night, and pissed in the basement while we were sleeping. Hooray for my fucking weekend.

In closing, 'dreamt' and 'leapt' are perfectly acceptable words, you dumb ass browser spell-check option.