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As Required by E-Law
The Dime
I swear, I will post something of original inception soon. The longer I go without writing, though, the more I am haunted by my own imperfections.

In the meantime:

Leave a comment and I will:

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you. (I may get personal, so feel free to pass on answering.)
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.

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1. As with nearly all of my college friends, it was a way to communicate and share beyond the hectic, often bawdy and chaotic environment of the Gamer Table. Also, see #3 below.
2. Sugoi!
3. You have a very distinct writing 'voice' that is quite different from your face-to-face conversation 'voice'. It's very much missing a half of the whole if someone doesn't read what you write.
4. It seems like a cop-out to mention a Gamer Dance, but I distinctly recall you standing, feet planted firmly together, like the base of a solid tree. Your eyes were closed, one arm wrapped warm against your stomach and the other dancing all on its own above your head.
5. What are some of the qualities of your ideal mate?
6. It's all about the eclipse, baby.

There! Up in the sky! The Lunesignal!

5. I had a revelation of sorts within the last few months that one of the things that makes my life meaningful and exciting is that I am constantly learning something new - not merely in the acquisition of data but also in the questioning and interpretation of stuff, making sense of what's there. So, the ideal man will love and be unafraid of that too, and will be able to get into a lot of Japanese stuff (language/music/food/you know). He's not afraid of dancing and loves good music. He's able to see some humor in the situation when I can't. I can trust him with anything that lives and grows in my mind. And so many other things except that this has grown too long and taken too long to do, and I have stroganoff on the stove. Excuse me.

Can't resist these darn things....

1. Once again, of the Macalester crowd, though not attending when I was, I don't think. Part of it was a tentative reach out to the older Gamer generation, the ones who were to Cole and Steph what they were to us. Part of it was many session of FUNK in a cold basement, listening to your writings and thinking you were so brave to just do it.
2. Cahoots makes me think of you.
3. Your love of holidays and their traditional celebratory trappings. It's just something that always surprises me, and that's a good thing.
4. I remember sitting that cold basement, on a couch, listening to you read from your first novel, I think it's called Serenade of Blood and Silver. A man first meets a horse.
5. How many children do you want to have?
6. I think you call it "earrings".
7. Completely unrelated note, have you gotten a W-2 from the Owl yet?

5. Children? Probably two--replacement quota and all that.

7. No, I haven't gotten my NightOwl W-2 yet.

I'll give you my answers for you, first.

1. I believe it was during our L'Homme-summer. Because you're fantastic.
3. I love the way you express your emotions. When I talk to you, I'm always struck by how honestly you show love and happiness and pain.
4. I remember staying up late and getting drunk on Bacardi O3 with you - but more importantly, having fantasy novel-bonding conversation.
5. What's your definition of magic?
6. The Question

That which engages the creative spirit.

1. I think it was as a sign of friendship. After L'Homme Dieu, it was my way of saying "I want to be friends with you beyond this". Well, one of the ways.
2. Whenever I think your name in my mind, "Claire D" becomes 'clarity'. So it began to work in reverse as well.
3. You've got this amazing directness with life. It's not aggression, it's not arrogance or naiveté. It's assertion, and confidence and direction. You may acknowledge fear, shame, doubt, but you never let them rule you. I really do feel you can do anything.
4. I remember fleeing the compound of L'Homme Dieu; you, me and Andy. We went to a Steak House for real meat, and savored every bite.
5. What was the darkest time of your life?
6. Cramer always reminds me of the time you spent abroad on a ship. It brings out this adventurous and free-spirit image of you on the deck.

In response to 5...the year after Macalester when I was doing virtually nothing with my life and getting rejected from grad school after grad school. It was the closest I've ever come to complete and utter despair.

Oh oh...

Hit me with your best shot! ~Pat Benetar


1. Since you're Anonymous, I haven't really friended you yet, but I guess I'll count it. ;) It was just so nice to have a friend who talked about all the nerdy comic book stuff who was also a gay man. Nothing against all my other nerdy friends, but somethings are just better understood by another guy who wanted to bang a superhero.
2. Mjolnir
3. The love of comic books and Norse mythology. And your smutty relationship to both.
4. I'm pretty sure I ran through an intense deluge just to meet up with you at the Independent for a drink and some appetizers.
5. Why does Norse mythology resonate so deeply for you?
6. I don't know about user pics, but again, a picture of your Mjolnir tattoo really sticks out in my mind.

Also wondered if you'd received anything that may have been Lost from a Dreaming.

I could just drown myself in Changeling. Happily drown!


1. You were talked of with high respect by my Gamer Elders. This was my passive, roundabout way of introducing myself, I guess. Get to know you through what you share without being conspicuous that I was looking for entry into your world.
2. A deck of cards
3. You've got a mind dedicated to curiosity. From what I know of you, everything has an interesting angle, everything has a way to connect to something else that you've already known was fascinating. But you do it all in such a down-to-earth manner.
4. I remember gaming Citystates until 4,5 in the morning. The sun was coming up. I'm sure other gamers have plenty of memories like that, but this was the first and only time for me. We didn't want to stop. And so we didn't. It was like making the movie go on longer, or finding the book kept adding pages. It was so amazing to me.
5. What frightens you?
6. The one showing now is pretty much the only one I can think that I've seen. It's what I associate with you (oddly even more than the one of your face.)

ah, what the hell, I'm game. though i'm sure the answer to #1 is the same as most of the others. you should really look into facebook, btw. it's evil, but a sort of logical evil type thing.

Give me neutral good over lawful evil anyday.

1. Have to be truthful. There was a mass of 'get all my college peeps friended on LJ' when I first got on. It seems impersonal, and I'm sorry about that. Of course, now that college is a distant dream, it is a wonderful way to know that you are still alive and not one of those crazy homeless ladies who yells at trashcans for stealing her thetans.
2. Cowabunga
3. You are a foul-mouthed, good-natured, spastic, loyal and hilarious person.
4. Seriously, is there any question? Good ol' Cody here remembers the waffles, and how Miranda was told she has 'management potential'.
5. You always seemed to walk the line between disgusted and devout with Catholicism. How do you view your faith?
6. I seem to recall you having other user pics in the past, but all I can find now is 6, and of those, screwdriver is my favorite. Something delightful about the editing of it.

Side note: Dr Who fan, are you? Every looked into Torchwood? It's good enough that even my boyfriend enjoys it, and he's totally the type to roll his eyes at all my sci-fi obsessions.

1. That's what I meant by #1.:)
5. I'm an atheist who was raised Catholic. I don't really discuss my atheism with people because I've been told by even close friends and my family that it is 'creepy.' My mother and father, otherwise totally awesome, both are under the impression that it's a 'phase' I'll get over, kinda like my infrequent fads. My brother actually told me a few years back that he's worried about me going to Hell. So to my fam I'm agnostic. To anyone who asks, I truthfully say I was raised Roman Catholic. I'm a full-blown atheist though. It's a sticking point.

Torchwood has too much angsty Cap'n Jack Hotness. I prefer my brooding hot angst to be in book form where I can put it on the shelf and read it infrequently. I'm a wimp, I know.

I'm actually a huge fan of the Master, though I can't find a good pic of S3 him.

Final note: Check out 'Life on Mars,' w/ John Simms. It is AWESOME.

1. I was always very intimidated by the more 'veteran' players in the LARP. I never really spoke to anyone at the Astor. I think I found your livejournal through other people, and friended you because we obviously share a similar taste in certain things, and as an effort to know you better.
2. A splash of red on palest yellow.
3. I was always impressed that you played with the 'big boys' without any self-doubt or any need to alter the way you play. You were just one of them, at least from this outsider's perspective.
4. The Lord's Prayer, written on your arm, with a beautiful AMEN at the wrist.
5. I guess I was always under the (possibly incorrect) assumption that you were bisexual. What way do you lean?
6. While I love the champange clouds behind the Ferris Wheel, the Stone Angel haunts me in a much more tangible way.

1. Me too. Eventually, I realized I liked LARPing for the social aspect, that the allure of the mythology behind it was interesting but had somewhat worn off.

Did you friend me or did I friend you? I can't remember.

3. I'm glad I gave that impression. I think blonde hair and keeping your arguments about certain things to yourself went way too far of a way towards being accepted.

4. Aaaah I completely forgot. That was fun.

5. I thought I might be for awhile....I think it took experiences with women to realize I was for the most part straight. I don't rule women out, but I identify as heterosexual. Men are what do it for me, romantically and sexually if not often too many other ways. Heh.

Feel down on my luck at the moment.
Care to bust down a few lines for the late responder?

For a late comer? Eh.

For a friend? Always.

1. You sired me into the LiveJournal community. How could I not friend you?
2. Spiceworld, among many other things.
3. You give more than pretty much anyone else I know, in every fashion fathomable.
4. Every moment of our Spoon War, from it's humble beginnings of trying to feel you up, to the climax of "Lost Spoon" plastered across campus.
5. How do you describe your sexuality?
6. I think I like 'junk' the best as an icon for you... just because of the beaded necklace.

Ah yes... friend. Sounds better than late comer :D

1....good question. I would have cried many rivers if you hadn't.
2....Heh. I still can't find that movie online.
3....*blush* that's nice to read.
4....Spoony will always be with me.
5....Hrmmm...I was just asked this question by my coworker. Two of them are entirely out. So they want to know about and asked me to use the Gay-Straight Kinsey scale. I said I was a 4 as I am currently dating a guy. That being said, I am drawn to both sexes equally on many varying levels. As the years move on (I'm so old), I still feel an increasing sense of needing and wanting a child of my own and that requires a female in my life. Though that is more out of necessity, I guess. However, looking back at a lot of my relationships (friends or otherwise)...I have always had closer and stronger relationships with women. However, for some reason, the physical desire can take a long time to develop. Men, on the other hand, are a different endeavor from that of women. With the exception of a few men (congrats on making that list), I rarely hit it off with men on a personal level. Yet the physical level seems to be the part which develops fairly rapidly and eventually falls apart as well and without the personal level being developed, the relationship ultimately fails shortly afterwards.
6....I really think I need to make more pics. Been swamped recently.

Thanks! I needed this :-) Maybe it seems small, but things just seem to be in an endless cycle at the moment through no real control of mine. It will get better shortly, it is just the waiting which is agonizing.

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