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Job Opportunities
Because I seem to have befriended a number of thus-minded people, I thought I would just post about IT opportunities at my current company. I am not IT myself, and so I cannot vouch for that department's work environment, but I have enjoyed working for the company (SHPS) as a whole. Simply compare the number of work-related bitch-posts from when I was working for the Owl to the past two-and-a-half months at my current job.

SHPS is basically a third party administrator for a number of health benefit-related products. Things like COBRA administration, carrier exchange and the like. I've been working in a new product that has just been developed, so I've been working quite a bit with the dev IT guys, slowly earning their trust and acceptance. So yeah, if the postings interest you, by all means go for it. If not, you can just ease on by.

Here are the few that were highlighted to us, but apparently more are available at SHPS careers page

.Net Application Developer - This position will support the SHPS Eligibility & Enrollment (E&E) team. The successful candidate will possess a good understanding of the fundamentals of object oriented design as it pertains to C# and the .NET Framework 2.0+. This position will participate in all phases of the software development lifecycle including architecture, design, coding, testing, and peer review. This position will be responsible for GUI (Winforms) apps, batch/console apps, and ASP.NET web apps. Support of legacy (ASP/VB6) applications may also be required.

Data Model Administrator - This position holds responsibility for actively ensuring that SHPS data model design and change process is followed, and for maintenance and publication of documentation for technical and business users of SHPS databases.

Release Manager - Responsible for identifying the critical needs, generating functional requirements and providing overall direction, vision and strategy for specific product/service components within our progressive Health Care centric organization. The Release Manager will also coordinate the release related activities and communication to ensure a quality release is delivered on time and budget as well as be involved in system related operational issues and its resolution.

Software Developer - As a Software Developer for our Landacorp, Medical Management Software Division, you will work on a team that is responsible for developing enterprise level commercial software products used in healthcare management. In this role you will be responsible for the design, development, documentation and testing of production-level, mission-critical enterprise software in a distributed n-tier environment.