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The New Year
The Dime
As required by American Law, I have devised a few New Year's Resolutions. I am notoriously bad at keeping my resolutions, so I thought I would keep them broad and few.

- get back in touch with my creative life. This means more theater, more reading, more writing, more dancing. Plans are for me to help out with Walking Shadow's latest production, so already a success there. My Boy and my mother are both pressuring me to take some writing classes at the Loft this spring/summer, so hopefully that will help.

- in an extension of 'nothing comes into the house that does not immediately find a home', I aim to take better care of the homestead this year. Yeah, cleaning the oven sucks, but it sucks a lot less if you do it once every few months instead of once every two years.

- ground my spirituality. I've found that a lot of my connection to the spiritual developed during walks; walks to school, walks to the store, walks by the rivers. Now that I am vehicularly mobile, I've suddenly lost all that walking, which has compounded the degradation of my personal mythos over the past few years. I don't need to create my own Great Wheel legendarium, but I do want to feel like a pagan again.

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Isn't it amazing what walking can do? My 1.5 mile commute to school always seems just a tad too long to walk when I wake up in the morning...but I never regret it.

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