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Tidbittles and fodder
Here are a few interesting facts I found on wikipedia today. While I cannot vouch for their complete veracity, I found them to be fascinating little snippets of knowledge to ponder.

Approximately two thirds of cats are susceptible to the behavioral effects of catnip, as the phenomenon is hereditary. For example, most cats in Australia are not susceptible to catnip since Australian cats are drawn from a relatively closed genetic pool.

According to Brent Berlin and Paul Kay's 1969 study Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution, distinct terms for brown, purple, pink, orange and grey will not emerge in a language until the language has made a distinction between green and blue.

These next two factlets are from two separate entries. I was just struck by their similarity and what that similarity could indicate across the two subjects.

Muslim theology maintains that the prophet Muhammad once found a cat sleeping on the sleeve of his robe; instead of waking it, he cut the sleeve off so as not to disturb the animal.

Duànxiù, or "breaking the sleeve", refers to Emperor Ai of Han China's act of cutting his sleeve, on which his adored male concubine Dongxian was sleeping, in order not to wake him.

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An extended tidbit...
blue and green do not emerge until after red...

Fascinating! Especially considering that red, blue and green are the three wavelengths most human cone-cells are best attuned to picking up! I assume you've study some of this literature?

Yep. I did a paper on it at Mac. Some people believe that the language used changes your cognition (Sappir-Wharf Hypothesis). This is true to some extent, but all humans have the capacity to tell differences and similarities in color, but where they draw the lines is determined by language.

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