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Giving up Jesus for Lent
Tonight my God dies. He will not Be until the Winter Solstice comes again. I am a follower of the Companion Spirit, the Attendant Consort. Tonight I will give myself over to Charon the Ferryman once more; hopefully a little less completely than before. And the Ferryman will teach me to care for the grave. And the Quiet River will teach me to tend to the silent things. And the Tomb-Keeper will teach me to clear the brush of the Autumn to make way for my beloved Lord's rebirth.

As seems fitting to me this time of year, I will be fasting from certain things; mere extravagances, like alcohol. I am not a strong person when it comes to fasting from anything. I have a consumptive nature. I would like to get better at that.

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Your 'rents are celebrating Autumn with a cute lil scarecrow in the yard. Reminds me of Oz.

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