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The Dime
I've completed one full week at my new job (which, turns out, is a third party health benefits and enrollment administrator). The first two days were tough; a new, relatively quiet environment, my lack of knowledge of anything, a desk all to myself with walls, the fading daylight. All of it made for a slightly isolating feel. But then pieces started to fall into place. I started to understand just what I was doing there, and it's kinda exciting, truth be told. Granted, it's still corporate America; I'm not publishing brilliant novels or running a theater or anything that I actually have a passion for. Still, I won't be bored, and I'll feel like an individual much more than at NightOwl.

I've also really gotten into my role as Performance Manager for a couple shows a week at the Jeune Lune. Dare I say I like that job as well?

Between the two, this week, I have learned an important lesson, especially for a perfectionist like me. It is the importance of making mistakes. So much more can be learned by making a mistake, more than weeks of training or asking all the 'right' questions. Certainly not going to start making them on purpose, but learning to accept them as a great way to learn.