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The Crunch
Muted Real
Been having a pretty shitty week. I've had a poor mood that hasn't really improved at all. Things seem to be getting worse when they should be getting better. Really, I'm the type of person who is content with a speck of growth a day, so long as it's some growth. I pray that the new job will help out considerably. A week and a half just seems so long away.

Tonight we are going to see The Pillow Man. This has to be my final spend-money-to-do-something evening for a while. I have to stick with that. The upcoming season is the perfect time for it, too.

Morning Update: Life continues to suck. Zipper got free while we were at the Guthrie, crapped on the sofa and torn up the contents of the bottom shelf of my altar. Sometime while we were gone, the shelves in our closet ripped out of the walls and dumped all our clothes in front of the closet door, meaning we can't open it. Now, for the sixth day in a row, I go to a job that makes me want to kill something.

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Sorry to hear it. FYI Claire is visiting next week and we're having a small party. We'd love to see you if you can make it. Details are still sketchy, but it's looking like Saturday evening. We'll be in touch with details.

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