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The Cardinal
First off, much kindly love to everyone who has put up with my work bitching lately. The situation is on the verge of rectification. I have been offered a position at a new company, beginning on Monday, October 22nd. It pays well, the benefits seem surreal, and from what I've been led to believe, I'll be more of a member of a team than a cog in a machine.

Granted, there are downsides to the position - it's in Plymouth, which means I have to make sure my old 93 caravan stays in good working conditions. Also, it's corporate America. I must promise myself to continue to work magic in my spare time. I won't let my changeling die in the pursuit of bill money.

It's sick and wrong, but I'm delighted to have the chance to tell NightOwl good-bye. Especially after I was pestered to come in several hours earlier tomorrow morning, or come in for four or so hours tonight. And this weekend? Forget it!

Nervous about the burning bridges stuff, but I really do believe it's all gonna start working out.

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Congratulations! I'm happy for you. I'll miss you at work, of course...but hopefully not for long (because hopefully I'll not be there long either). No wonder you looked like you were thinking, "This can all burn," when you were at work earlier today!

What is your new job?

"Data Entry Specialist" - it's the one I was interviewing for when I came in late to the Tobacco project. It's assisting in the development of a new Health Insurance offering for the company; figuring out the data, the entry, the process and flow.

Best of luck in you getting a new job soon. The atmosphere there took a big dive today.

The atmosphere there took a big dive today.


Because of the soon-to-be child labor, or why? Just the "Big Project OMIGOD We've Lost All Our Workers!"

The crest-fallen look on Herman's face when I said that I couldn't work tonight, and wasn't willing to get in any earlier than 7am tomorrow. (And that's just for the money, not any misguided sense of duty.) I think the number of people able to work imaging can be counted on one hand, and now things seem to be in the upswing.

Oh, Zach, I'm so, so glad. This change will be great for you, which I know you know. Hip hip hurrah!

Never forget your magic - and you, of all people, never can.

A big step in not losing the magic is definitely not losing touch with people who make it ok to express it. Wish you were around more, but glad you are doing the Grad School thing.

Woo! ::pops a bottle of cola in lieu of champagne::

*frolics in the cola-foam rain*

Most excellent. Congrats!

Give them the boot!

Oh thank goodness.

Good job, hon. Proud of you.

Re: Give them the boot!

Really? Proud? I feel sorta like I gave up, in a way; that if I had just staying on the search a little longer I would have found a job in the arts. I know it's unlikely, but the nagging fear that I'm trading in my Theater Major for a corporate safety net is somewhat troubling.

Don't get me wrong though. Good-fucking-bye NightOwl!

Re: Give them the boot!

No. Get the fuck out. I'm so proud of you. It's easier to just sit in the job and have an excuse. It's an awful place to be for more than a few months.

I sat and was content to just search for work on the many days that N.O. did not provide me with work. It's WORSE to stay there than to leave for something else.

Congrats on FUCKING THEM!

Oh, and you know it's getting busy. I just smile and nod and say "No, won't work this weekend."

Oh, hooray! I'm always so happy when people I like are No Longer Working for NightOwl. Congratulations.

It's frightening how many people hate NightOwl without having worked there. I could drop that company name at many a gamer function, and a single, angry shudder would pass through the entire room.

That is wonderful! Good luck with the new job.

Re: Congratulations!

Thanks much. Getting my feet back under me is gonna be more helpful than I think even I realize.

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