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Shrinking Mattress
Muted Real
Once upon a time, I slept alone. My bed was my own sovereign nation of slumber. That changed, naturally, once the Boy entered my life. It took a lot of getting used to, having someone else in bed with me for sleep. It made me aware of the strange things we do in our sleep; the shifting, the talking, my occasional paralysis and apnea. We got Buttons a year ago, and he joined us on the bed, usually sleeping right at the foot, though occasionally crawling up to around our thighs. Next, Zipper is old enough to be allowed in our bed one or two nights a week, and she seems to favor the space between our waists. Then, last night, she brought her stuffed toy duck to bed with her, and curled up with it. There is officially no more room in the bed.

What happened to my sovereign nation of slumber? Where has gone my crown and scepter and vast dreamscaped plains of sheet and blanket? I don't know now if sleeping alone would be a rare treat, or a frighteningly isolated experience.

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I think lately I actually prefer when the Boy is coming home late or overnight somewhere else. The dogs can have his half of the bed, and I get my whole half again. It's akin to having vassals as opposed to everyone fighting for the throne.

There are some who believe that allowing the non-humans onto/into the bed is going too far.

I personally believe not having to sleep alone is a privilage.

I personally believe not having to sleep alone is a privilage.

I greatly appreciate this comment. It puts things into perspective a little more. Thank you.

And I don't think there was any question of the dogs sleeping in bed with us.

It's cool. Different strokes and so forth.

I think it would be nice to stretch out one's arms and find them full of puppies and boyfriends.

I told my students about your situation.
They all laughed. It was a great topic of discussion.
Aside from one teenage boy, the rest of them were all housewives with dogs and husbands.

I'm embarrassed and yet kindly amused at the image of a gaggle of Japanese housewives politely tittering out of understanding for my situation.

I know I know...off topic...but


Sweeney Todd trailer.....

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