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The Dime
- Young Zipper is at the vet this morning to be spayed. Like a flaming queen, I got misty eyed when dropping her off, and made sure to give the vet her favorite sleeping companion; a stuffed hippo named Hubert. There's nothing at all to worry about, and yet I'm doing just that.

- We have Tori tickets!

- BTW, I have a vehicle now. My parents' old 1993 Dodge Caravan with a USC MOM bumper sticker on the back. The idea that I could drive to any place I need to be - it's gonna take a lot of getting used to.

- NightOwl does not make wallets happy.

- It's my father's birthday, and this weekend we are having my parents over for a birthday dinner. I have figured out that it is just too hard to buy gifts for parents who say 'they don't need anything' so instead I'm starting to just cook them semi-elegant meals.


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