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The Universe Continues to Toy with Me
The Rage
I was told yesterday morning that there would be work this weekend. I told them I would be there on Saturday morning. Later, received another call letting me know that there was work this weekend, yes, thanks, already signed up for Saturday.

So I drag my ass out of our warm bed this morning, and get to work.

"Oh, didn't Mike call you?"

It seems everyone got a call last night informing them that the project expected to come in didn't arrive. No work call. Stay home. Everyone, that is, except me.

At least Sue was there, and I managed to get in some hours. Not the end of the world, even if I do feel pretty dejected about it all. If I had showed up, and no one had been there? I don't know if I would have ever shown up at that building again.

You think this is funny, don't you, Universe? Well, just you wait.

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Sue didn't have the details. She was just as pissed, cause they made her take Friday off so she'd have hours for the weekend.

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