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The Rage
Ok, just a little frustrated this morning. Mainly with my current job and my apparent inability to find anything better. I'll make this short and quick, cause I know I've posted about this frustration far too often.

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(Deleted comment)
Job stuff sucks. You're allowed to post as many times as you want. It is thus decreed.

Were I there, my friend, we would go to the Independent and drink way too much.

If you were here, we'd definitely be having you over often for drinks, wii, and puppies.

PS - Thanks for the decree. It's good to have people in high places.

*hugs* Sometimes it just takes all the right things coming together at once. Keep at it, I find it difficult to believe you've used up your life's supply of luck quite yet. :)

I'm just worried about using up my luck on boring things like financial stability instead of creative success. I'm almost as tight with my luck as I am with my money.

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