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Sluagh Rock
This goes out to all the lovers and speakers of Eastern Asian languages. (I know, I know, I could just say Japanese and basically get all of you, but I want to throw a little larger net.)

I am looking for a word/name that comes from an Eastern Asian language. I'm hoping that you can suggest one that fits the following criteria:

1. Masculine
2. Pertaining to raptors/falcons/hawks/birds of prey
3. Similar in its pronunciation or english-ization to one of these names:
- Ehud
- Abdon
- Othniel
- Jair
- Ibzan
- Tola

It's a rather peculiar request, and if I get no takers, I understand. Just thought I'd give you all a try. Thanks much.

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Taka 鷹 【たか】 (n) hawk, falcon, (P)

Aojiro (pronounced "ow-ji-row") 青白 【あおじろ】 (n,adj-no) (1) blue and white, (2) type of hawk (blue and white coloured) (colored), (3) paleness, pallidness

Youshun (pronounced "yo-shoon") 鷹隼 【ようしゅん】 (n) (arch) hawk and falcon

Hayabusa 隼 【はやぶさ】 (n) peregrine falcon, (P) (You may have seen or heard this one before...)

Tori 鳥 【とり】 (n) bird, fowl, poultry, (P)

Moukin (mow-keen) 猛禽 【もうきん】 (n) bird of prey

Mouchou (mow-choh) 猛鳥 【もうちょう】 (n) bird of prey

You may or may not be able to read the kanji and the furigana but I thought I'd leave them in all the same. Maybe it'll help.

Just as a side note: Tola comes closest to being any sort of being of prey in Japanese - Tora (l and r are essentially the same in Japanese) means tiger.

Wow, a veritable feast! The Tola/Tora may be a good move to make, would just have to shift thinking a little for the character. Still, from falcon/hawk to tiger isn't as big a leap as from say hawk to pigeon. Thanks much!

True that... and if you'd like more info on non-raptors, I could put together something too.

bird-san, dude. go with it.

dab (pron. dah or dow...can't member) is hmong for a preying spirit. kinda like ehud.

Damn, Hmong would work very well for the character... too bad I don't talk to any of my Hmong peeps from high school any more.

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