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Muted Real
We went up to my grandparents' cabin this weekend and brought the puppies for their first visit. It was worrisome as the weekend approached; would they be okay with a two hour car ride? Would we have to keep them leashed at our sides the entire time? Would they behave enough to be in the cabin itself, or would they have to stay outdoors? If they had to be outdoors, would the weather be nice?

They behaved themselves incredibly well. Above and beyond expectation. We had them leashed for about the first hour, and then they wandered well, always staying a little bit close. The water on the lake was low (as in record-low, walk out a quarter mile before the water is up to your chest-low). Zipper, the puppy, was a little hesitant about the water at first, but summoned up her courage and went swimming for a little ways. Buttons, on the other hand, clearly takes after his Papa in that he saw no reason to go down into the sand and then into the water. So me and Zipper splashed in the shallows while Buttons and my Boy sat up near the gazebo and just watched, looking far too poised for the lakeside.

All in all, a great time. But no matter how great a vacation is, I absolutely LOVE coming home.