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A long time coming
The Dime
Dear Cohorts of my Macalester years,

Precipitated by this weekend's wonderful gathering, I feel the need to make this overdue statement: Thank you. Seeing so many of you reminded me just how much I loved my college years, a large part because of you people. Now we're all 'grown-up' or something like that, and I find myself wary of falling into the trap of constant reminiscing of years gone by. Yet to see you all in person; it wasn't just the college years, it was who you were and who you are, still vibrant, funny, intelligent and crazy people that I adore. Thank you for being so awesome.

When someone I see weekly asks me how I've been, it's easy to get bogged down in details like a sucky job, a current sickness or recent problem. When asked that question by someone who I haven't seen in years, it forces me to look at the bigger picture and say "You know what? I'm doing pretty damn good". Thank you for listening.

And now, an apology. My social skills are a rag-tag collection of stolen goods; tricks and techniques I have learned by watching others. I really have none of my own. And so if I was awkward/shy/quiet/loud/rambling/standoffish/a jack ass, I really do apologize. I walked back out on what I foresaw as thin ice, desperate to keep myself in your favor, cause dammit all, I like you folk. My stolen skills are rusty. So again, apologies, and again, great thanks!

But of course, best wishes above all else to the newly wedded couple, who had a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful reception. Sorry that my guest book entry kinda, well... sucks. I was taken off guard!