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Could it really just be me?
The Rage
No work all week long, and then working all weekend? Am I really the only one who sees this as Not Okay? Am I really, honestly, truly the only one who sees this as a fundamentally abusive employer/employee relationship? I set aside 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday, to be used by NightOwl. I don't make plans for that time. Expecting me to keep my calender free seven days a week in case something comes in is not acceptable. Just because I had Friday free does not mean that everything I had planned for Sunday magically shifted. Why do I feel like the only person who sees this?

Maybe it makes me a prick, but I don't cave into their every whim. I've very upfront when I cannot work, and simply refuse to play every game that they throw my way.

Alright, I know, if I complain so much, I need to do something about it. And I'm trying. The copywrite project is finished, with a few insidious additions by the client, and the company said they want to work more with me in the future. Outside of that, more boring job hunting.

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Well, you can always say you can't come in. Or were they stupid and phrased it as "you must"?

I told them flat out no Sunday, and only until 3pm on Saturday. I've always said hell no to earlier than 8am. Part of me thinks I should work as much as I can to get the money. The other part of me calls that first part desperate and foolish.

Adecco. Spherion. Manpower.


Though, in fairness, fuck Spherion.

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