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Speak up and be Counted!
If you got a food allergy, holla at me!

I'm allergic to shrimp, consumption and some contact. Doesn't seem to be all shellfish, but I really don't eat seafood at all, so it could have gotten more pronounced since a decade ago when I tried lobster or crab.

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No allergies per se, dietary restrictions that have probably resulted in my inability to process dairy, though...

What's up with you and garlic?

I'm sensitive to changes in my blood pressure- apparently this is from my father's family. My reaction is not allergic, no hives, no swelling, no sneezeing or anything- my father explained they all use lots of salt with something garlicy, which will counter the affects on blood pressure.

i am allergic to chicken!

Like, allergic to chicken meat, or all forms of chicken, like eggs and feather-pie and pickled feet? Is it an allergy or an intolerance?

intolerance, to the meat, not any of the products. i like eggs, and such, and no feather problems.

Though not an allergy in the classic sense, something there is in artificial ranch flavoring, a la Cool Ranch Doritos or Ranch Wheat Thins, that turns me into a raging psychopath. I thought the problem was Red 40, to which my mother also has a sensitivity, but it is so much worse with ranchy things that I suspect something else heretofore unknown to me may be the culprit.

Mood swings can be symptomatic of allergic reactions, apparently. It all depends on how your body is reacting; if the immune system sees a dietary substance (usually a protein) as an invader, it's a food allergy. Have you had a skin prick test at all?

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