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The Dime
I suppose there's no denying it now. I am a morning person. How disgusting. Of course, there are some strict restrictions on the mornings I enjoy:

1. No talking. I like the stillness.
2. No breakfast. It's disgusting.
3. No obligations. Anything done in the morning is out of my own ambition, not necessity.
4 No one else. Love my boyfriend to death, but I prefer mornings when he is still sound asleep or at work.

If all these are met, I don't think I could be happier with morning. Unless it was Saturday morning, cause those rock most of all.

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Good luck with your interview tomorrow! I'll try and stop over and say hi beforehand, but I'm often insanely busy that time of day.

Thanks much! I'm a bit nervous, especially with the "Personagenics" worksheet they want me to fill out, but I'll aim to impress.

I agonized over that thing, and I still don't know what it's supposed to be about anyhow. Maybe I should ask HR what I got on mine.

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