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The Cardinal
1. Leave me a comment saying anything random. Those who comment “anything random” will be denied admission on the tilt-a-whirl.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you in turn ask them five questions.

My five questions, from gunn

1. Most daring thing you've done recently?
I have a comparatively low threshold for risk than a lot of people out there. I would say that for me, the most daring thing recently would be applying for the position at the Jeune Lune that I did not get. It was at least 50% tasks that I did not already know how to do, it would have been a larger time and stress commitment than any other job, and the pay would have been only a nominal increase. Still, I tried for it, because I wanted to take that challenge on behalf of a theater. I would have passed by a job where I lack so many skills to begin with if it had been in almost any other field.

2. Biggest dream for the near (next 3 years) future?
To complete a creative project; create a performance, write a play/novel, have a short story published, choreograph an entire evening, craft a game for people and have them play it. I have been too much of a dabbler, and while I like that I can find joy in many mediums, it also means it is easy for me to push all of them aside when faced with the Real World. Buying a house with my partner has been a real chance to set down roots, create a place I can grow from. Yes, there’s always the pesky task of making the money to stay alive. I want to be creative again, and I want to create something tangible to mark that.

3. Which of your personal pantheon do you miss the most? Do you visit him/her, and how?
I don’t have many entities in my spiritual expression. I’ve become very pantheistic in recent years. Still, there are a few beings that I revere. The one I miss the most is the one I am meant to miss the most. He is the morning, and he is a beautiful, gray-eyed young man whom I am in love with. He is the dawn, and we are in a constant struggle of violence. We only meet in my dreams; he has come to me but a handful of times, yet each time it is unmistakably him. Each time, I am meant to kill him. I haven’t yet figured out what that complex relationship means, but I know that every time I awake from him, I feel loss. It’s as far from sexual desire as possible, but still so intimately physical. I feel it inside my chest. I know that I am meant to miss him, terribly, and can do nothing but wait for the next dream of him.

4. Pen, pencil, typewriter, computer, or tongue? Why?
Ideally it is the pen. It used to be the pencil, but then I found too much was fading too quickly. Even as the ideas change, I need that trail back to where it came from as untouched as possible. When it comes to the actual writing, the structure and form, the sentence and paragraph, I use the computer; this is because I type faster than I write and my script is not so clean to read. However, most of my creation is done with pen on paper, because there I can be so less linear. Notes, sketches, snippets can all fill a page and imbue it with the essence of what I am thinking more than a letter-following-letter image on a screen. I have only used typewriters for official documents, and so the stress of not making a mistake has blocked any antiquarian appeal. My tongue, as everyone knows, ties itself into too many knots to make it a useful tool at all.

5. The clock stops, suddenly. Why?
I’ve fallen in between 4am again.

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1. What drew you to Macalester College?
2. What would your magic word be?
3. Are we, the denizens of Earth, alone in the universe?
4. Of all ages past, what other era should you have been born in?
5. Who was the first person outside your immediate family that you looked up to?

The Super Pedicure my Aunt G gets from her local all-Vietnamese run nail shop near her house costs $32.

How's that for random?

1. What intrigues you about Japanese culture?
2. Midwest winters or Midwest summers?
3. Going through a maze, how do you decide which way to turn?
4. You are charged to build an ark; are there any animals you choose to 'forget'?
5. How does your inner image of yourself different from what you see in the mirror?

Today I got up at 6 to stand in a room with a dead person I'd discussed rollercoasters with only 24 hrs previously.

1. If you could get a 20-pack of any out-of-production candy bar, what would that be?
2. Where did you think you would be now when we graduated 3 years ago?
3. Would you rather be rich or famous?
4. What extreme sport do you want to build up the nerve to try?
5. Who challenges you most, in the good way?

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