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The Dime
Applied to three jobs so far today. Frightening to realize that I may not have the skills to pay the bills.

NightOwl can't afford me at the moment, and while that should be flattering, it is instead horrific and crippling.

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NightOwl can't afford me at the moment


I haven't called in 'cause I've been busy getting ready for Guat. What craziness is going on now?

Haven't worked yet this week. Called in every morning, and yesterday Michelle said "Yeah, we're not allowed to have anyone in at the moment". Which of course means there's not enough work to pay for anyone besides Michelle and maybe Sue.

Dude, you need work, check out my journal. What are you looking for for work/pay/etc? Because we're slightly desperate maybe. Again.

I have no computer skills beyond office suites (excel, data entry programs, word) and I think most of those jobs you posted were of a programmable nature? If I can make at least $12/hour it would be nice.

I believe the starting rate for business operations assistants is $12.05 an hour with full benefits if you work at least 30 hours a week. That's what I started off doing, and it's pretty straightforward, entry-level corporate stuff. Filing, mailing, copying, emiling, etc etc. They've been interviewing for one for a while now, although I think they're about to make one hire, I know they need three so there should still be an opening. Compensation Analyst pays more, that's on the survey team where I work now. It's more concentrated data entry, but the only thing you really need to get started is an ability to learn how to use access for database functions. We just got a new boss and two of the three analysts are new as well - I assume they're hiring to replace the intern who's one of the two new folk and is only here another month maybe. The staff accountant position is one I'm not too sure of. I know one of the accountants and she's pretty much your typical, straight out of liberal arts college chick who does well because she's smart and can learn. I'm assuming they're hiring for someone her level, but not sure on that. I can dig up more info when I'm back at work, which won't be until Monday because I'm not doing well at the moment.

Well, in the situation I'm in, it certainly couldn't hurt to apply. Where might I find more information about where to send my resume, who to address it to, more information about the company in general?

Well, right now I'm not sure we have any sort of website up. As you noticed, we lost a couple of guys in IT, the company was just sold and bought again (long story). If you want to do an electronic resume, you can send it to me, addressed to Lee Blowers for the programing job and Nola Foss for the BOA job, and I'll pass it on with my note of how awesome you are.

Ok, only thing is I don't believe I have an e-mail address for you. What would be the best, privacy-safe way to get that to me?

I shall post it in a locked friends post momentarily.


This technically isn't us anymore, this is the people who bought our name but not our office, but the part about what the company does, etc is still good. We now have only 3-4 offices in Mpls, Kansas City, Washington (lobbying group) and New York (banking).

They also totally didn't change anything on the website except for the locations and names. Lame! We were supposed to have it for six months, but they changed their mind, thus our current site-lass nature.

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