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Sluagh Rock
Along the lines of the nWoD "vices and virtues"...

A character taken by the Fae long before television was invented. Upon escaping from Arcadia, she encounters it for the first time, and allows herself to be completely engrossed. She does little else besides sit in front of an old television, trying to watch the entire history of TV. Would you say her Vice falls until Gluttony or Sloth? Could it go either way?

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Sloth... much more indolence than consumption.

I was going to say the opposite... not like I know anything though.

I feel that it is very much consumption, just a passive consumption. That's where I hit the question.

I see it as sloth since gluttony is specifically directed at ingesting things, namely food and drink. To extend it to something like perceptions and information is to use it as a metaphor.
Sloth on the other hand is in the realm of not caring and lack of maitenance as well as idleness.

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I am intrigued by the accusation of turning gluttony into a metaphor. The straight line definition of gluttony is eating to excess. It seems like such a specific sin compared to grandiose concepts like Wrath or Pride, a lot of people try to expand it. Drug usage is often the extension of the concept people think of.

Maybe I'm having trouble with the two because the world was different when the concepts were first visualized. Flash forward to the information age, where a person could do an entire days work without getting out of a chair. Where is Sloth now? In illiterate times, information could hardly be considered something to consume, but nowadays there are competitions for people who dedicate their brains to knowing as much about politics/pop culture/youtube videos as possible. Watching TV together is a 'wholesome family activity'. You can spend an entire fortune on virtual things for your computer games. I guess I feel the line blurring, and I can appreciate some guides set down through intent - apathy is close to sloth, indulgence close to gluttony. Yet both seem escapist.

Ok, shutting up now. You can tell I've had too much free time lately.

Through a glass darkly

Don't mind the accusation... I'm of the opinion that if a word isn't strictly literal it's a metaphor, which I grant you makes quite a few words metaphors all the time.

I certainly don't mind whiling some time hashing this, I've got too much time (and only bound to get more).

As I see it sloth isn't a deadly sin because of laziness. Sure productivity may go down, there's the metaphor of stealing time... merely a secondary offense, not terribly deadly. People don't usually get shot over laziness. Definitions vary, but what I figure is deadly about this one is the apathy. Aquinas chose for Sloth the latin Acedia - spiritual torpor, apathy.
What sums sloth up for me is the quote; "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing" - Burke.

Having said that I guess it comes down to excess versus apathy, and whichever would seem more interesting as the character developes. The idea of escapism is sort of at 90 degrees to the seven deadly sins, they saw other things afoot, more sinister things.

If this vice were to be portrayed as a demon that possesses the person how would you characterize it?

I'd go Gluttony, if her reasoning is to watch the entire history of TV. If her reasoning is to avoid the world, or to avoid doing other things, or to let the world come to her, then Sloth.

She's still forming. It's slightly an issue of avoidance of the world; but at the same time, she's been gone for so long, the 'world out there' and the 'world on the screen' are just about as equally alien. I lean towards Sloth, but there's something about the way she pushes everyone else out that screams of indulgence and addiction.

Can go either way, as with Gunn's decision. Even the Catholics would admit that they are more guidelines than actual rules.

True, and if she's just a story character, it's a beautifully blurred line. If she ends up being a character in Changeling: The Lost, though... then they actually are rules.

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