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The Question
The Boy has just recently pointed out that I don't say "downstairs". For unknown reasons, I say "downstairns". And have been doing so for most of my life. How.... quaint...

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I think you mean pronounciate.

Yeah yeah yeah... let's all gang up on me today.

I'm just here to make your fake words wronger.

Really, I want to be clear, here. Nun is proper; noun isn't.

Wait wait wait... nuns are proper, but 'nun' is not a proper noun. And 'noun' is proper, because it was the necessary syllable, not 'nun', but at the same time, is not a proper noun itself.

Ah, but noun wasn't the necessary syllable. See? It's all perfectly clear now.

hau doz won pronounciate [downstairns>?.!

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