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The Cardinal
It's my birthday today. Quarter century. The day itself has become less of a focal point for celebration and more of a soft moment. Here's what happened today:

1. Found a card from the Boy placed behind my toothpaste. That was a moment I want to remember forever.
2. Managed to get out of work a little early without pulling the "it's my birthday" stunt.
3. Met up with gildeddawn for a little happy hour at the Independent.

Yep. That's it. No big drunken bashes or late nights. I'm kinda liking this. The Boy will be home in about an hour, and we'll just relax until I have to get to sleep for work in the morning. Considering that I've been busy the last four nights, and will be busy the next two, this really is a treat.

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Happy Birthday! Hope you had an amazingly relaxing night

It was, for the most part. Save the young pup who wouldn't calm down...

25 was a good year. May it be for you as well!

24 was pretty good, so we'll see if 25 keeps up the trend.

And a few-day belated birthday to you as well!

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