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The Rage
Who the FUCK makes you fill out a "Request for Time Off" form when you say you won't be able to work overtime on the weekend?

1. No one fucking knows if we'll be working this weekend yet or not. I'm asking for a day off from work that may not exist? Fuck it.
2. It is overtime. It's asking for a sixth and sometimes seventh workday in the week, which I've done the past two weekends. Fuck it.
3. It's not my goddamn fault that the sales people will make impossible promises of deadlines. Why the hell am I the one who pays for it, while they scamper off with their nice commissions and tiny dicks? Fuck it.
4. Fuck it.
5. It would be nice to get an explanation instead of just a form on my desk with a post-it note saying "Fill this out and submit". Of course, it would be nice if someone had formally trained me on scanning, if someone had formally trained me on QCing, if if if... Fuck it.
6. Fuck it fuck it fuck.

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(get out!)

someone who wasted three years of her life there.

I am so so sorry.

Just remember, you are doing things and will be going places. For the sales staff, this is the height of their careers.

Besides you can always comfort yourself with your impressive golden phallus.

I do not want to know what you're talking about. No, really, I don't.



Well, one specific deity, actually.

True. But I bet they all enjoyed the look of it!

They what? That's truly bizarre.

I know how you feel. I recommend you share with them, attitude-wise, dis peektur. FUCK 'EM WEEEEEOOOOOO! ::leaps up on table and starts dancing around::

In all seriousness, my dear - I hope they pull their heads out of their asses and quit acting like fucktards. In the meantime, if you need someone stabbed? I'm your ninja. ::hug::

There is no good answer to this besides mass murder. Service to society, really.

But I offer you the one alternative that may help and probably won't land you in jail. It starts with alco and ends in hol, and we should drink some together. Though I'm not currently employed, I swear I can bitch about past employers with alacrity. Also, I want to see you before I leave. Out of town this weekend, but next week?

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