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Changeling: The Lost
Sluagh Rock
It's certainly not Changeling: The Dreaming... a radical shift from the Fae as your character to the Fae as the shadowy, mysterious overlord enemies. Yet in the end, I think I will have to get it. If nothing else, to add to my dreams.

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I'm going to have to check that out. It sounds interesting...

Hey! Maybe you can help me track down information on fey, jinn, kami and their like.

As far as World of Darkness goes, it seems to be the biggest total concept change from old to new.

What kinda information you looking for?

All kinds of stuff... mostly for cross-cultural similarities. Seeing how fae can be related to kami can be related to jinn.

Partly just because it's interesting but also I've been working on a project of re-imagining fey as some sort of electromagnetic entity (perhaps A.I.). This stems from the fact that one of the most distinctive properties of iron is its ferromagnetic properties and since heating can demagnetize iron, cold iron becomes distinctive.

So also anything that might seem high tech (or replicatable with some sort of future tech).

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