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Worry the stone
Through several comments dropped over the past week, it appears that most people think of me as a bitchy, mean, scene-stealing attention whore. This, naturally, does not coincide with how I thought my friends viewed me. So it hurts. But it makes me think that perhaps I have come to rely on the cutting remarks, the harsh judgments, the cynical humor too much as a means of getting people to like me. It's worked for so long, it's become second nature. I would like to believe that there's something nice inside me; I need to work to bring that out more.

Where has gone my listener?
Where has gone my Dime?

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I can't speak for anyone else and don't mean to walk into something that isn't my business, but that's never how you've been to me.

I like ya as ya is.

And disagree with that assessment.

You've always struck me as a kind and sensitive person.

I don't see you like that. You can be bitter, jaded, and cynical, but so can anybody else I call friend.

It was part of my performance review as something to work on, so maybe I'm not the best one to say anything.

Fie on performance reviews.

::just had hers, and is bitter, jaded, cynical, etc.::

weighing in...

Well, maybe the whore part, but the rest is not true. ;-)

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