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Busy busy
Muted Real
Ok, so here's what's coming up for us in the next few months:

- A wedding, in which I am in the party and the Boy is doing the bride's hair
- A wedding shower for said wedding
- A Bachelorette Party for said wedding
- A Bachelor Party for said wedding (it's good to be the couple's gay friends, you get invited to both)
- My Mother's Birthday
- Our 10-day trip to California, during which will be the Nomad's Graduation and the Boy's Birthday
- The Nomad's Birthday
- Another wedding, as guest
- My Birthday
- Our Goddaughter's Birthday

And that brings us up to June 27th. Whew. And of course, for most of that the Boy has his work, I have my two jobs, and we try to see each other, like crazy people.

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Sweetheart, when's your birthday?

June 20th, sometimes falling on Midsummer's Eve, Gemini on the very cusp of Cancer.

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