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Muted Real
Four years today. That's an undergrad program. That's a Presidential term. That's high school.

I expect the same sense of wonder and quiet contentment at year five. And six. And ten. And twenty.

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Hrmm...I am having trouble remembering...but I seem to think there were bloodshot eyes and saint vanessa of the egg...around the same time. Care to elaborate boy? Man? Friend?

Boymanfriend? Yikes!

I do recall having my contacts in for too many days at a time, resulting in the bloodshottedness and a disgusting goo. Not sure that was the same time I was starting my relationship with my Boy, though. It is possible, I suppose. Strange how so much of college is bleeding together, the further away it gets.

I suspect it was. Since it was this season in march. prior to my leaving for japan. I remember cause I asked you if you wanted to do something and you had "plans" which turned into all night PLANS. haha

In twenty years...

You'll wonder where your waistline went HAHAHA....sorry, bad joke. THE JOYS OF BEING A NELSON!

Re: In twenty years...

"Raymond! Mother's home!"

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