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Vernal Comparisons
When I say that Spring is my least favorite season, there are two things to consider. The first is that, of course, I am speaking of Minnesota seasons. I am a Minnesota boy, a Minneapolitan at heart. These are the seasons I grew up with, these are the seasons I know, and this is what I think the year should be like for everyone. Spring is probably very different in California, or Vermont, or Germany or Japan or South Africa or Hawaii.

The second is that it is my least favorite season only relatively. I still look forward to Spring. I still revel in the thaw, the sudden new growth in a hint of green. My winds wake up from their strange winter dreaming. So it would be very wrong to say that I dislike the Spring. It's just that there's only one time of the year that I really crave it, and that is now, in its infancy. Summer, Autumn and Winter all have beauty that I can relate to year round. Spring is a once a year delight.

Remember to put your clocks ahead one hour tonight.