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Most of my part as choreographer is done now. Just minor polishing here and there. And because we're talking High School, there's no real stage manager at the moment. So I sit on book, run the CD player, organize the rehearsal space, make sure the kids know the next scene, play liaison to the music section. And apparently take most actor questions, as I am "less scary" than the director. (We call it the Mom-Dad syndrome. If Dad looks mad, go ask Mom.)

I like it. A lot. It doesn't feel like work to me, even though it is 3-4 hours of my life. I like being there in rehearsals. I like working towards a production, and seeing it come together. The real world of jobs 'just to pay the bills' dampened my spirit quite a bit. I started thinking that my time in college theater had been just a lark. A flight of fancy that didn't translate outside of academia; a passion that faded inside me when up against any sort of challenge.

It's not. It's slept quite a bit, because I drain myself so easily. But I don't get the same satisfaction out of any job I've had since college like I do from my theater jobs. It is comforting to know that while I didn't make the easy choice by Majoring in the Theater, I did make the right one.