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So Sleek, So Chique
The Dime
Our gayby got his grooming today, after two canceled appointments. We both agreed his hair was too long, and on the car ride there I learned his nails where in desperate need of clipping as he sits in my lap on the way. Still, damn! He's like a brand new puppy after! Soft, clean, sheeny, with legs still very furry for the cold.

He also gets rather cuddly after spending a few hours away from home and us. It worries me a little bit, as we are planning a 10-day vacation to California this May. I am known to overreact when it comes to my puppy, though.

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Zach, I love you. I really do. But "gayby"? Do not make me come up there.

The Domestitude into which I have fallen knows no end. I hang pendant lighting in my dining room, paint my walls colors like Spiced Rum, I worry that my Shih Tzu's paws are too cold when he has to walk on the winter sidewalk. I host freakin' dinner parties!

I'm not sure who I am anymore either.

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