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Another tool
In the end, I suppose, work is work and money is money. There's no point in getting upset. Anger is just a tool of frustration. Find a better tool.
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Problem? I checked beforehand to see if you'd have adequate amounts of work to go in for.

Eh, slight mental frustration over division of labor, but as I said above, work is work. I can't let petty things like that upset me, or I'm in for a bumpy ride in life.


Are you in a situation where you want less work? I'm not sure how many hours you've been getting from scanning etc. the last couple of weeks.

No worries, no problem.

Well, I do worry. That's my job. :)

Maybe getting angry won't change my situation. But nothing I have does. The only thing I have is honesty about my own feelings. I won't lie to myself.

I don't think I'm denying anything I'm feeling. In fact, I think I'm being more honest, because I'm looking at the frustration instead of the anger I react with. And when I look at why I'm frustrated, it's easier to deal with it. Cents appreciated, though.

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