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The Cardinal
For those who remember The Molecular Blasphemy, I continue the story of Kierstii in the same format. As the backblurb of the novel.

Photon Cradle

According to the common new feeds, the collapse of Parasol, the immense artificial planet promising hope to trillions, was cause by the actions of a radical group calling themselves Mary’s Crusade. Among those who know the truth, only Kierstii Redbluegreen, once a mere Relocation Advisor on Parasol, is in any shape to refute it. Those members of Mary’s Crusade who dragged her unwillingly into the whole mess are missing, dead, or unable to communicate, like her brother Vindicat – a scrambled personality from a botched download after sacrificing his body. Innocuous Kierstii’s not too eager to share her information with the Parliamentary Government or the remaining factions of Mary’s Crusade - apparently a much bigger force in the star cluster than she originally thought. She'd much rather forget the whole ordeal and work on restoring her brother's damaged psyche in solitude. However, neither side seems willing to leave her in peace.

A message from Dodecahedron Jesus, one of the few others to know the truth, was the last thing she expected, especially when it pointed in the direction of the Giddeonai, the real culprits of the Parasol collapse. Against her better judgment, Kierstii begins her own investigation, leading her again into the world of chemical zealots, mathematical gnosis, and the resurrection of something called the Photon Cradle. Her brother was so much better at this sort of thing…

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keep it going

Since it is obvious that you still love to write, why don't you do what I do, and always carry a notebook around with you and when ever you have an idea for this story or something completely different, you jot it down. Sooner of later you will notice you have an entire notebook full of story lines and plots and you will already be on your way to writing a huge story.

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