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I adore Licorice. The black kind of candy flavored with licorice root extract and anise oil. Love it. I think if I were to become a Drag Queen, that would be my stage name.

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(Deleted comment)
Ooo, yes, liquorice is a little more sumptuous

I read this post too fast. When I got to the end all I could think was, What the hell kind of drag queen name is Anise Oil?

Some sort of relation to the bean-pole we know as Olive Oyl?

I love it too. I like cheap licorice as well, I'm not discriminating. Especially Good N' Plenty. It's purple and pink and white!

Good N' Plenty ranks up there for 'candies that never stop at just one'. I will consume an entire box before I've realized that I'm even beyond my first handful.


Black licorice is so-so for me, but dark chocolate on the other hand...MMmmmmmmmmmmm, I would push my mother in front of a truck for really good dark chocolate.

"Mom, you gave me life and nurtured me into the man I am today. But there's a Special Dark truck coming down this overpass any second. Close your eyes and think of Jesus."

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