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Exhibit 13
The Rage
Right now, only the music on my headphones is suppressing my desire to stand up and do violence.

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::understands completely::

What in particular, praytell?

Re: ::understands completely::

Exhibit 13, Blue Man Group for the particulars of music.


C'mon, you knew I'd ask.

I know, and it makes me a poor subordinate that I did this....

There are some interpersonal disharmonies affecting my professionalism and I need to work harder to keep that from happening.

How's that for the professional answer?

Very professional....

And a less vague answer?

I told you...

I told you that you would be a great Nick Fury. That is exactly what he would be like...just sitting there with headphones on, and only the sweet wafting notes of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde keep him from putting his cigar out in someone's eye socket.

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