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Goal for today
The Dime
Make it to 4:30 without putting something sharp through my eyes.

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I'm thoroughly convinced that there are only 130 unique and convolutedly-titled documents in the 16,000 we need to code.

Ah, those times, how I remember them with a deep sense of revulsion!

Also? Not dead yet! Yay!

Heh. Given that we've definitely seen the same unique documents at least four times already....


I hope you didn't gouge an eye out, but if you did you should really consider going out next Halloween as Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD! That would be wicked-cool!

Um, I think it takes more than just a missing eye to make a convincing Nick Fury. Like some form of masculinity? Y'know, things no amount of make-up could convince someone that I have.

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