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The Dime
Hope that everyone had/is having/will be having/continues to have a very wonderful holiday time of the year! Ours was very busy and tiring, not quite over, but definately enjoyable.

I haven't checked online much to see what's going on, because at the moment there is no 'pop online for a sec' for me. Our modem has decided to be finicky with it's ethernet port, which I have to switch in and out all the time these days since the Boy had to start using USB and apparently both hooked up at the same time isn't possible. So it definately is a choice to head online.

To 'anonymous': Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are all booked, and probably Monday as well. Damn but I get busy fast! Saturday afternoon may be free, and for all I know, I could end up not working during the day on Thursday or Friday or next Tuesday or... That help things out at all?

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How have things at N.O. been going?

They've had me scanning mostly of late, and called me in at 10am last Fri to QC the Connexus (which, surprise surprise, hadn't been fully coded yet). The Copy side though is going crazy! 10-hour days all weekend long.

Are you on copy side now as well? Hmm...maybe I need to hire "decoy" coders....

No, thankfully that hasn't happened yet. It was just me, by my lonesome, on the imaging side yesterday. One man against a mountain.

Damn your working life. I remember there was a time you had no job. Things are easier to plan when you are bordering poverty.
Oh...we shall try.
Um...where abouts do you work and do you have a preference of when or where you would like to meet. My Thursday afternoon is booked. Saturday is probably going to be eaten up by my aunt. Mrr...

And I meant not to post anonymously. Meh. lj hates me. Haha

Otherwise yeah.
This year was planned poorly on my part.

What's your saturday afternoon looking like??

Work... grumble grumble...

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